AT&T Partners With Volans-i for Medical Drone Delivery

Volans-i is once again demonstrating its drone delivery capabilities, this time around in Puerto Rico. The team successfully delivered a temperature-controlled box containing medical supplies using its C5 drone model. The drone used for the mission was Volans-i’s C5 aircraft which has the capacity to carry up to 15 pounds over a distance of 10 miles.

In a partnership with the Puerto Rican government and Merck & Co. – Volans-i has effectively demonstrated the use of an LTE connected drone delivering emergency medicine to natural disaster effected areas and urban areas.

The field trial with Merck is the first phase of a long-term collaboration that is designed to deliver emergency medical supplies to remote areas in Puerto Rico. Some of the testing sites that took place were Comerio, and Las Piedras.

“Volans-i is building high payload, long range drones for logistics applications. The demonstration in Puerto Rico is a prime example of how our technology can benefit communities that are usually hard to reach using traditional transportation modes. We are proud to be part of this mission” said Hannan Parvizian, CEO of Volans-i Inc. “Hurricane Maria caused grave devastation to the island of Puerto Rico last year, and many people were left without medical supplies or food for a long time because there was no way to reach them using any available transportation methods. We believe that our drones can fill the gap and make on-demand critical delivery an essential part of disaster relief.”

Last year, Volans-i demonstrated the first FAA approved long-range delivery with Applied Materials in Austin, Texas. Since then, the team has also been approached by UNICEF to conduct vaccine delivery to the remote islands at Vanuatu. Volans-i has recently also been awarded a contract (as part of a consortium) to demonstrate beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) in Singapore.

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